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Get $500 to $1000 via loans for poor credit

Who wouldn’t want to be able to borrow money without having to pay interest? Just imagine being able to take out a loan, spend your money on what you want now, and then pay back exactly the same amount. This is possible with some loan companies, but typically only for new customers. But it is still possible to get cheap loans without interest.

An interest-free loan means, in all your simplicity, that you borrow money without having to think about high percentages and things that run smoothly. Of course, this is also the reason why it has become so popular a type of loan on the Danish market. Of course, one must be aware that there is nothing completely free. Just because a loan is free of interest does not mean that there are no other costs in the form of setting up fees and other costs related to the loan foundation of the loan.

This is something that one must keep in mind if one does not want to risk being caught by the nose in search of cheap loans without interest. Therefore, you can take a look at the OPP you get on the loan, because it can help to give a better picture of what you can actually risk having to pay back. But we will take a closer look.

From you will get the best possible terms and conditions, so we would like to help you with loans for poor credit.

What does it mean to borrow without interest?

money cash

When you hear the phrase “Cheap loans without interest”, you may well be thinking: It’s too good to be fit. Of course, it is also healthy to have a good deal of skepticism when it comes to borrowing money because it is not something you should throw yourself into. No, it is not a robbery story, because you can take out loans without having to pay interest. There are plenty of loan companies that offer that you can get a loan where you do not have to worry about interest expenses or about the fees that can otherwise cheat many. Of course, this is not a loan in the DKK 10,000 class, but closer to a DKK 4,000, which can also be extremely nice.

So if you take out an interest-free loan of DKK 4,000, that means that you do not have to pay back more than DKK 4,000. If you have thus received a loan without fees and if you feel good, you will be paid back on time. Failure to do so may result in consequences that you may not be fully prepared for.

It is therefore very advantageous to get a cheap loan without interest since you can obtain a small amount in a short period if you really need it. You do not put yourself in debt for an extended period.

Of course, it is also very fast when you take out the fast loans. You just have to fulfill the conditions and requirements set by the loan company. These are typical that you are 18, a national resident in the country and that you are a NemID. In addition, there are rarely other requirements, though they may vary from company to company.

What is OPOP for a size?


We have briefly touched on OPP because it is a concept that one must pay close attention to when it comes to loans. This is the term used to assess the many loans that are being offered. It simply stands for Annual Cost Percentage, and that includes all costs, so it also applies to fees and interest rates. So you can get an accurate overview of what your expenses will be over a year.

It is a really practical concept, and as I said, it is very important to be thoroughly acquainted with it so that you can borrow on the best terms. However, it should also be said that it may not be entirely appropriate to look at the APR when it comes to very short-term loans, because there will be no relevant annual costs.

The APR is thus best suited to the loans that you have to live with for long periods and where it can really be relevant to the long-term costs. But what about short-term, low-interest loans? Of course, you just look at fees and similar costs, as these are usually the only thing to worry about.

In short, you can use the rule of thumb that says: Use AOP if you need a long-term loan. Use fees and similar costs if you need a fast loan.

Fortunately, you can see the total costs in kroner and penny at most loan companies, so it is easy to create an overview.

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How does zero interest rate affect your personal finances? /how-does-zero-interest-rate-affect-your-personal-finances/ /how-does-zero-interest-rate-affect-your-personal-finances/#respond Fri, 20 Sep 2019 06:12:32 +0000 /how-does-zero-interest-rate-affect-your-personal-finances/ Read More »]]>

Now the repo rate has been lowered again and it has been lowered by more than what was first mentioned so that it now stands at 0 percent. The repo rate is thus non-existent at present. The reason for going from 0.25% to 0% is mainly because inflation is so low. Exactly what it means with the interest rate cut I will go through a bit in this post.

Even though the Swedish economy is quite strong and despite the upturn in the economy, the WeRise Bank chose to set the new repo rate at 0.0 per cent on October 28. It is a record low level, which we are not used to having very often. The reason they chose to lower interest rates even more and be so drastic in choosing zero interest rates is simply that inflation has been too low and one wants to stimulate slightly higher inflation. It is not only in Sweden that inflation is poor but also in the outside world and overall, it is believed that some stronger measures are needed to reach the desired inflation level of 2 percent.

The WeRise Bank also says that since the repo rate is now so low, there is an extra risk that households’ indebtedness will increase (since different types of loans such as mortgages and private loans are likely to receive longer interest rates) and they are a little worried about this development. They talk about trying to reduce the risk of problems by introducing other measures to reduce household cravings after borrowing. Exactly what it would be for the type of measures is not said much about, but it has been talked about, for example, about the requirements for mortgage repayments.


How does the zero interest rate affect me?

How does the zero interest rate affect me?

The common question that we all care about is how a lower repo rate affects our private finances. A lower policy rate mainly leads to lower interest rates for various banking services. It has both good and bad sides. The good sides, for example, are mainly that the loans become cheaper with lower interest rates. What is less good is that the interest rate is also lowered on savings accounts and such, which means that we get a lower return on our savings.


Cheaper loans

Cheaper loans

That we can borrow cheaply is of course good on the whole. A low repo rate gives a low interest rate on mortgages and probably also on other loans such as private loans. So maybe it is a place to borrow money if you have thought about it.

You can expect that the mortgage rate will probably be lowered a little further in the near future, even though it has already been low. Some say it may be time to tie up their mortgage now when it’s such a low interest rate. Fixed interest rates have been really low and soon it will not be possible to get much lower than this. The WeRise Bank’s forecasts say that there should be a low repo rate for a good time to come, which makes it feel pretty safe to keep variable interest rates on mortgage loans, but it is also conceivable that their forecast will not hit.

If you want a little more security and think there may not be this low interest rate especially long in the future, you can consider tying up your mortgage. The fixed interest rates are really low so you don’t have to pay that much directly. However, it is a little more expensive to normally have fixed interest rates compared to having a variable rate, so it is mainly if you feel that this security fits your finances.


Low savings rates

Low savings rates

Earlier, savings rates were down to non-existent levels on many common savings accounts at major Swedish banks. It does not immediately get better now that the repo rate is even lower. It will continue to push down savings rates and the hunt for a savings account with sensible interest rates may be even more difficult.

Most often, one must actively look for a suitable savings account and it is important not to become too passive and simply settle for the bad interest rate that one’s own bank unfortunately has. There are still some banks trying to compete with decent interest rates, although it is not very easy to hang in the Christmas tree. Check around and don’t be afraid to move your savings into an account that has at least some return.

The alternative is to look at other forms of savings such as funds and shares etc. where you can get a return on their money in other ways. Of course, this is a small risk, but there are many safer funds and shares where you can save a little more long-term and where you can probably fix a return that is 2-3 percent without any huge risk. Try to see what stocks, etc., which the experts recommend for low risk investments.


Little else

Little else

A repo rate of zero percent can affect slightly different things and this could mean that the Swedish krona will be a little weaker against other currencies. This means that it can be a little more expensive, for example, to exchange money for Euro, Dollar or other currencies when traveling and traveling. If you are going abroad you can therefore lose a small amount just because of the exchange rate. Likewise, it can be a little worse if you buy goods from other countries.

The interest rate affects other interest rates, such as interest rates on investment savings accounts and equity insurance. That interest rate has been halved since last year. How the interest rate will be next year is decided on November 30, but it looks like the interest rate will be at about half the level compared to before.


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How to save you the most expensive car breakdowns | Request up to € 750 in 15 minutes /how-to-save-you-the-most-expensive-car-breakdowns-request-up-to-e-750-in-15-minutes/ /how-to-save-you-the-most-expensive-car-breakdowns-request-up-to-e-750-in-15-minutes/#respond Sun, 08 Sep 2019 23:25:55 +0000 /how-to-save-you-the-most-expensive-car-breakdowns-request-up-to-e-750-in-15-minutes/ Read More »]]>

As much as we want to tighten our belts, there are certain basic expenses that are necessary to cover our day-to-day activities and which are also fixed every month. The car is one of them, but it is also one of the most unpleasant surprises you can give.

A flat tire, a failure in the engine, the revision of the ITV … Despite the comfort of having a car, there are so many unforeseen (and expensive) expenses that can cause fright. Therefore, in Good Finance, a leading company in the microcredit sector in Spain , we bring you four tricks to avoid the avoidable.

The most common fault

The most common fault

Gearbox. We started easy: although it is not the most common fault, it is one of the most serious. It spoils with sudden gear changes or when you lean on it, so treat it gently and you will save a repair of between 1,000 and 3,000 euros, depending on the model.

Clutch. Its constant use increases the chances of wear, so be careful with gear changes and you will get rid of an expense that can skyrocket up to 1,300 euros. Another important tip is that you do not keep it on traffic lights: you will avoid burning it and it will deteriorate faster.

The elements that make the engine run

The elements that make the engine run

Timing belt. This piece synchronizes the movement of all the elements that make the engine run , so its breakage can cause any of them to hit it and cause damage worth 2,000 euros.

If the incident occurs when you drive at high speed , broken parts can impact others and make repair more expensive . Avoid changing it according to the manufacturer’s instructions or every five years, to stop its erosion.

Turbo. And we reach the queen of breakdowns

Turbo. And we reach the queen of breakdowns

Are you one of those who likes to run and gives preference to horses when they are behind the wheel? Well be careful, because if it breaks down you can get an invoice of up to … 5,000 euros! Try to drive with prevention , do not overheat and do not turn the revolutions while the engine is still cold. Treat it with patience and it will last you a lifetime!

If in spite of all the precautions you have an incident that causes an exorbitant and totally inappropriate invoice , you can count on us. In Good Finance we offer up to € 300 online to new customers to cover these unexpected expenses . Are you interested Click here and find out about our conditions.

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What kind of travel insurance is available during pregnancy? /what-kind-of-travel-insurance-is-available-during-pregnancy/ /what-kind-of-travel-insurance-is-available-during-pregnancy/#respond Sun, 08 Sep 2019 23:12:50 +0000 /what-kind-of-travel-insurance-is-available-during-pregnancy/ Read More »]]>

Travel insurance is one of the simplest forms of insurance. On the Travel Insurance Calculator page, you can find the best deal within minutes. We can make a personalized calculation: from the simplest sightseeing program to whitewater rafting, we can customize our insurance with a variety of options.

Costs can be very high

Costs can be very high

Complicating the situation is if you want to get pregnant and travel insurance while you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is not a disease and is not treated by its insurers.

However, it is also true that a potential complication significantly affects the risk of insurance. That is, pregnancy itself does not pose any additional risk, but a pregnancy complication can generate virtually endless costs.

It is difficult to price the risk


Pricing extreme sports is relatively easy, as the activity involves the typical risks. Helicopter rescue, transportation, breakage, trauma, cooling. It is relatively well defined how much it costs and how it can be incorporated into the insurance premium. It is also possible to determine what kind of risk the insurer assumes and what not – this is typically an important aspect in the case of rescue and transportation.

The situation is different in pregnancy, as the range of complications is virtually endless, and in this light the cost variation is very high. The question is, therefore, to what extent this extremely low, but in some cases very costly, risk can be priced. Insurance companies have a different strategy for doing this, so it’s a good idea to look at what offers companies make before you make a deal.

The end is really risky

Basically, the three trimesters of an average pregnancy, that is, not at risk, develop as follows: the first is the period of viability of the embryo, later that of the fetus.

In most cases, complications during this period can be treated on an outpatient basis – unfortunately, during this period, fetal retention is very difficult. The second trimester is the period of lowest risk, meaning no real complications are expected. The third trimester is the highest risk – this is obviously the time of birth.

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Take a car or personal loan /take-a-car-or-personal-loan/ /take-a-car-or-personal-loan/#respond Tue, 03 Sep 2019 08:34:45 +0000 /take-a-car-or-personal-loan/ Read More »]]> Car dealerships offer a lot of deals on car loans, but it is always worth thinking about what you need, because with current interest rates you can get much more favorable personal loans. 

Once everyone buys the first car of their life, or if they already have one, they replace the old one. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to pay the purchase price of the car in one lump sum, so most of the time you need a loan. But what kind?

From a car loan or a personal loan?

From a car loan or a personal loan?

The first step must be to survey the market! There are plenty of credit products, all with different rates and costs, so it’s important to compare all the options available! You can find car loans at virtually every bank, and even if you buy at a dealership, you can arrange different car loan options locally. It is important to know that car loans the purchased vehicle will always be covered (ie it will be encumbered), ie the purchased vehicle will be covered as collateral. The benefit of this is that you will have a slightly smaller down payment, lower credit rates and most of the time you will not have to pay for yourself. The disadvantage is that if you accidentally become insolvent, you can say goodbye to the car, and if you change your car frequently, you cannot do so with a car loan, as the car is actually owned by the bank and not registered with them. you can sell it.


With a personal loan

personal loan

The reverse is true: there may be a bit more in installments and fees, a higher loan amount will require your own funds, but your car is 100% yours because it does not count as collateral, so you can transfer it at any time. you can spend not only on the purchase, but also on the service and refurbishment!


So, whether you choose a car loan or a personal loan

So, whether you choose a car loan or a personal loan

It always depends on what your current options are and how you decide. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, you just have to weigh! And if you choose a personal loan , you can compare the best deals on our site and choose the one that suits you best!

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It’s really worth switching to a credit card now! /its-really-worth-switching-to-a-credit-card-now/ /its-really-worth-switching-to-a-credit-card-now/#respond Tue, 06 Aug 2019 05:43:40 +0000 /its-really-worth-switching-to-a-credit-card-now/ Read More »]]>

Ernie Bank has been promoting its large credit card promotion since mid-November, which will last until Christmas. At first glance, the customer-seductive scheme overseas seems irresistible, so we wondered if we could really do it well.

The Ernie Joker credit card included in Ernie ‘s promotion is not just a simple credit card. It allows customers to receive one of the largest refunds available on the Hungarian market for their purchases.


While refunds do not come with every purchase

While refunds do not come with every purchase

The business profiles that are most relevant to our daily shopping are all included in the refund categories. Business profiles are the so-called. They are classified on the basis of the MCC (Merchant Category Code), which is a non-variable setting specified by the card accepting bank at the time of installation of the POS terminal and its merchandise. This means two things at once: if you get it wrong, you might not get the expected refund, and even if you buy a technical item in a larger supermarket or hypermarket, the store category will still be coded as a grocery store and receive a refund. Unfortunately, the MCC code is nowhere to be found, so we need to trust that when we enter a store, its POS terminal is encoded with the MCC code we expect.


Refund shops

Refund shops

Here are the business profiles in which our purchases are eligible for a refund:

  • DIY, garden
  • travel
  • electronics
  • entertainment
  • fashion
  • gas station
  • beauty, health
  • at home

Ernie Bank offers a 1 percent refund on purchases in these store categories. However, the customer can choose from 3 business categories where they get back 4 percent instead of 1 continuously.

There is an upper limit for the refund, which, however, gives you a refund even after a very generous spending. As a general rule, the customer will be refunded for the purchase amount equal to the amount of their credit line, but not more than $ 250,000 per month (the limitation is a combination of 4% and 1% refunds). The petrol station category, however, is an exception to the main rule: up to 30,000 forints per month, a 4 percent refund is granted, with a 1 percent refund.


For air lovers this special offer is also available

For air lovers this special offer is also available

In addition to Ernie Joker’s credit card, another Wise Air credit card is also participating. There are no business profiles selected for this card, but for every $ 100 you spend on a purchase, the cardholder gets 2 points. If you purchase Wise Air services with your credit card, you get 4 points for every $ 100 you spend. In addition, each new Wise Air credit card master card holder will receive 10,000 welcome points from Ernie Bank and the cardholder will automatically become a member of the Wizz Discount Club.

The points you earn can be redeemed for a Wise Air flight ticket for 1 point = US $ 1, which means that you can buy a plane ticket sooner or later from a permanent 2% refund. For example, with a credit card purchase of $ 100,000 a month, you get $ 24,000 a year for airline tickets, which you can fly several times, with deals now available in major European cities for as little as $ 6,990. However, points collected can be redeemed for other Wise Air services (eg baggage costs, extra legroom). In addition, part of the booking can be paid out of the points collected.


Is it worth switching to Ernie credit card?

credit card?

In answer to the question in the introduction: it is very worth it! With the new Ernie Joker or Wise Air credit card, interest on purchases and cash withdrawals and interest on debt assumed is 0 percent until April 10, 2015! That is, we can delay the lump sum repayment until mid-spring for interest-free credit, or if we are not able to repay the full amount spent, we will not pay the credit interest until at least until this date. For example, spending 100,000 forints per month can save up to 27,000 forints during the promotion period!

In order to participate in this promotion, use a new Ernie Joker or Wise Air credit card and the customer will have to redeem the embossed. Credit card debt of another credit institution. Ernie Bank will provide an existing credit card limit of up to $ 2 million if the customer qualifies for credit. In fact, it is easier for anyone employed to apply for a credit card without having to submit an employer certificate.

It’s also important to know that the discount only applies to credit card interest, not bank fees anymore!


Fees for promotional Ernie credit cards

credit cards

So what you pay for during and after the promotion is the following fees. The annual fee for each type of credit card is $ 4,932, which is free for the first year only if the credit card holder purchases at least the same amount within 3 months of issuing the credit card. The monthly short-term fee is 200 USD. Credit card purchases are free, with cash withdrawals each time being 3.14 percent plus $ 200. The interest-free treatment applies only to purchase transactions and only if the cardholder repays his / her full debt within 15 days of the end of each month (ie the 10th of the following month). However, for a monthly interest rate of 2.76% (33.12% on an annualized basis), partial repayment is also possible, in which case at least 5% of the total debt, but at least $ 2,000, must be repaid.

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Save money with the best savings rate 2019 – Bolkonsky family /save-money-with-the-best-savings-rate-2019-bolkonsky-family/ /save-money-with-the-best-savings-rate-2019-bolkonsky-family/#respond Wed, 10 Jul 2019 23:25:50 +0000 /save-money-with-the-best-savings-rate-2019-bolkonsky-family/ Read More »]]>

Saving money is necessary to have a buffer in unforeseen events such as an expensive dentist visit, if something in the home or car breaks down or if you become unemployed for a period. Savings can also be used to give a golden edge to life. You do not have to worry about the economy, you have more freedom to choose a job you enjoy even though it may not be extremely well paid. You can also go down in working hours to have more time and energy for yourself and any family.

Save money with returns

 Save money with returns

In today’s interest rate situation, it is difficult to get any further return in the form of interest on a savings account. In most major banks, the interest rate is below 1%, even if you commit the money for a longer period. In order to get a higher return on their money, you need to invest in other ways, for example. on the stock exchange in funds or shares. You can also invest in real estate, but this market has been unstable in recent years, both in terms of own villas and apartments as well as the construction companies’ housing projects. The stock market is always risky, although you can read on and reduce the risk somewhat.

Save money in bank account

 Save money in bank account

Keeping your money safe is almost the only way to save them in a bank account. However, the value of money decreases with inflation so it is important to try to find the best savings rate when choosing a savings account. There are several ways to get higher interest rates on savings accounts. to compare, to bind the money, to opt out of a deposit guarantee and to save on private loans.

Compare interest rates

 Compare interest rates

Today, there are many banks and credit institutions to choose from and with the help of the network it is fast to compare different interest rates of different players. There are also comparison services to use for this purpose.

Tie the money

If the bank is allowed to borrow money even for a longer period, e.g. a number of months or years, you are usually rewarded with higher interest rates. Whether it is profitable or not depends on how interest rates generally develop. If you have committed to a high interest rate and the repo rate goes down then you have made a good deal, but if the interest rate goes up you can risk sitting with the money locked at a lower interest rate.

Alternative savings accounts and loan institutions

 Alternative savings accounts and loan institutions

Most major banks and credit institutions have a deposit guarantee in the account, ie if the bank or credit institution goes bankrupt, you are guaranteed to still get your saved money back by guaranteeing an amount of up to about SEK 900,000. Operators are allowed to offer savings accounts without a deposit guarantee. This means a greater risk for the saver and they are then rewarded with higher interest rates. If you choose a large, stable player or preferably several, the risk of bankruptcy is relatively small and you can get a higher interest rate with only a small risk increase. It is important to read on so that you know the player you save with and what risks you take.

Another variant of savings that gives a higher interest rate is so-called peer-to-peer lending, ie by lending money to private individuals through an intermediary. Here too, there is no deposit guarantee and you also risk that the private individuals you lend to cannot repay. However, this “savings form” is structured so that you not only lend to an individual but invest in a “basket” of loans to reduce the risk. Here, too, it is important to read on, but a higher savings rate than the traditional banks is possible.

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