What kind of travel insurance is available during pregnancy?

8 Sep

Travel insurance is one of the simplest forms of insurance. On the Travel Insurance Calculator page, you can find the best deal within minutes. We can make a personalized calculation: from the simplest sightseeing program to whitewater rafting, we can customize our insurance with a variety of options.

Costs can be very high

Costs can be very high

Complicating the situation is if you want to get pregnant and travel insurance while you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is not a disease and is not treated by its insurers.

However, it is also true that a potential complication significantly affects the risk of insurance. That is, pregnancy itself does not pose any additional risk, but a pregnancy complication can generate virtually endless costs.

It is difficult to price the risk


Pricing extreme sports is relatively easy, as the activity involves the typical risks. Helicopter rescue, transportation, breakage, trauma, cooling. It is relatively well defined how much it costs and how it can be incorporated into the insurance premium. It is also possible to determine what kind of risk the insurer assumes and what not – this is typically an important aspect in the case of rescue and transportation.

The situation is different in pregnancy, as the range of complications is virtually endless, and in this light the cost variation is very high. The question is, therefore, to what extent this extremely low, but in some cases very costly, risk can be priced. Insurance companies have a different strategy for doing this, so it’s a good idea to look at what offers companies make before you make a deal.

The end is really risky

Basically, the three trimesters of an average pregnancy, that is, not at risk, develop as follows: the first is the period of viability of the embryo, later that of the fetus.

In most cases, complications during this period can be treated on an outpatient basis – unfortunately, during this period, fetal retention is very difficult. The second trimester is the period of lowest risk, meaning no real complications are expected. The third trimester is the highest risk – this is obviously the time of birth.

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